All over the world, communist governments took control of Hindu temples to generate revenue: Judge Indu Malhotra

Former Supreme Court Justice Indu Malhotra said communist governments in Kerala seized control of Hindu temples in consideration of their huge revenue. They put the Hindu temples under their control. They tried the same game at Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram. Judge Malhota said that she and Judge UU Lalith killed this plot.

According to Judge Indu Malhotra, the communists want to get their hands on the temples because the offer boxes attract their attention. Video of Justice Malhotra talking to people around her outside Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple is now viral on social media.

Judge Malhotra referred to the judgment delivered by herself and Judge Lalit in July 2020 which declared that the Thiruvithamkoor Royal Family had the right to occupy and interfere in the day-to-day affairs of the temple. The court upheld the appeal filed by the Maharaja of Thiruvithamkoor challenging the judgment of the Kerala High Court granting these rights to the Kerala government.

It should be noted that the Supreme Court judgment made it clear that the rights of the royal family to look after the temple and interfere in the day-to-day affairs of the temple did not cease to exist upon the death of Sree Chithirathirunal Balarama Varma who signed the Instrument of Accession. merging the kingdom of Thiruvithamkoor with Bharat. Court had also formed a five-member council to run the temple and look after its administration. It consists of the Thiruvananthapuram district judge appointed by the Thiruvithamkoor royal family, one member appointed by the central Ministry of Culture, one appointed by the Kerala government and the Thanthri head of the temple. This council runs the temple now.

Kerala has long witnessed attempted takeovers of temples by communist governments. The Malabar Dewaswom board, controlled by the ruling CPM-led Left Democratic Front, took over the temple from Guruvayoor Parthasarathy in 2017 amid fierce opposition from Hindu Aikya Vedi and other organizations Hindu stories inspired by the RSS. Their initial attempt was foiled, thanks to the powerful resistance of the Hindu corps. Then they took over the temple by breaking the lock. It was a midnight operation. BJP leader Kummanam Rajasekharan (later Governor of Missoram) had denounced the action. He said the midnight “invasion” was an attack on the right to worship and also on the spirits of the country’s Constitution.

The CPM regime’s 2018 attempt to desecrate the age-old rituals, systems, discipline and practices of the Sabarimala temple through the entry of young women under the age of 50 under police escort, defying the resistance of worshippers, is sadly famous in the history of the state of Kerala. Even though CPM Congress resolutions prevent party members from practicing religion in personal life, the Party gives secret instructions to cadres to infiltrate temple committees. Now the words of Judge Indu Malhotra vindicate the long standing position of Sangh-inspired organizations that the communists are trying to take over the temples to seize the money from the bid box and ultimately complete the temple and the culture of the temples. from Kerala.