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The Agilent Measurement Suite, a flagship analytical science facility on the White City campus, celebrates three years since its opening.

Since opening in 2019, the Agilent Measurement Suite has helped Imperial researchers, innovative startups and partners around the world make progress on real-world challenges such as turning plants into sustainable plastics, finding helpful bacteria and the repair of damaged hearts.

These and other projects in fields such as chemistry, synthetic biology and medicine have been facilitated by state-of-the-art equipment and training opportunities provided by instrument manufacturer Agilent through an ongoing partnership with the Imperial.

A hub for analytical science

The suite differs from most analytical science facilities not only in its unique combination of technical capabilities, but also in its accessibility to researchers from all Imperial faculties, innovative companies in the College ecosystem and partners around the world.

A new report outlines research into polymeric pacemaker conductors, cardiac tissue engineering, sustainable bioplastics and adulterated herbal remedies.

By providing access to equipment often unavailable in their own labs, it allows scientists to work more flexibly and creatively, and startups to establish proofs of concept that help them secure the investments they need to implement. places workflows in-house.

In a new report released to mark the Suite’s three-year anniversary, Dr. Darlene Solomon, Chief Technology Officer at Agilent, says, “We are absolutely delighted to know that we have helped [researchers] in their achievements by giving them access to real industry tools, services and support. Early on, we saw this as a key opportunity for us to engage with top researchers from a leading university, working on truly pioneering research. We are really proud of this ongoing collaboration.

Concrete benefits

The report, Three years of Agilent Measurement Suiteprofiles many real-world advances that have been made using the suite, including biotech start-up Bactobio, which has received support from the Agilent Measurement Suite and SynbiCITE, the UK National Center for Commercialization synthetic biology, to develop their identification technology and cultivate useful bacteria.

The suite allows Agilent to showcase its equipment and establish a base in the center of London’s White City innovation district, a hotspot for innovation in biotechnology and other high-tech fields.

Research and development projects for polymeric pacemakers, cardiac tissue engineering, sustainable bioplastics and, in collaboration with clinicians in West Africa, identification of the content of adulterated herbal remedies are also presented.

The report also reveals how the suite helped researchers improve their skills by providing hands-on training to maximize the equipment’s potential, and provided Agilent with benefits including the ability to showcase its equipment’s capabilities and to establish a base in central London. White City Innovation District, a growing hotspot for innovation and entrepreneurship in biotech and other high-tech sectors.

Moving forward together

Professor Richard Craster, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, said: “[The Agilent Measurement Suite] is a collaboration, we learn and grow together, ensuring everyone gets the most out of technology. And we share the rewards with an ever-growing reputation for cutting-edge quality research. Most importantly, the world benefits from work that solves thorny analytical challenges, from medical innovation to safety testing.

Dr Marina Kuimova, Lecturer in Chemical Physics at Imperial and Deputy Director of the Agilent Measurement Suite, said: “This publication covers just a few of the fantastic early achievements of the Agilent Measurement Suite. I’m excited to see continued progress as new real-world posts and achievements emerge, and new projects continue to come online. We look forward to the Suite’s continued flourishing through the generous support of our valued partners at Agilent, and its continued role as the driving force behind the emergence of the White City Innovation District.

Read the report

Three Years of Agilent Measurement Suite: How a Strategic Partnership is Shaping the Future of Analytical Science (PDF)