Automated Discrete Analyzers for Water and Wastewater Nutrients Envirotech Online

Analytical SEAL is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of automated discrete analyzers, segmented continuous flow analyzers, sample preparation equipment and laboratory robotic systems specifically for environmental applications. SEAL analyzers and robots are widely recognized as best-in-class and the instruments of choice for nutrient monitoring in water and wastewater.

50 years of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing automated wet chemistry analyzers specifically for very low level detection in environmental applications has helped SEAL apply the most useful and easy-to-use features in the SEAL range of discrete and segmented flow analyzers.

SEAL Robotic MiniLab systems for automating sample pre-processing in the laboratory improve the efficiency of sample handling. Typical applications include BOD, pH, COD, Alkalinity and Conductivity measurements with options such as decapping/capping, sample fractionation and filtration.

With full teams of engineers and chemists in global facilities, labs can be sure of the best support, instruments and methods, meeting the latest regulatory requirements.

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