Big Soph continues to add revenue to creators and digital brands through its unique approach to monetization.

Being a designer in today’s world is not an easy task. Everyday – new tools, resources and suggestions hit the internet without much thought. Who do creators turn to when looking for a reliable, transparent and efficient partner to grow and monetize their brand? Enter Big Soph, which prides itself on its passion-based personalized monetization and marketing strategies.

Big Soph is a pioneer in what monetization means in the business model for creators. She has personally consulted over 1,000 creatives and built business structures around their passion. Leveraging its FansBLDR software, it is able to build a sales and marketing structure that runs on autopilot so creators can do what they do best, create. She has been part of Ground Zero teams in building courses and brands that have surpassed the seven figure revenue mark, cumulatively.

His talents are not reserved for digital creators. As her empire continues to grow, she finds herself advising and lending ideas to B2B clients in music, entertainment and technology.

Although seemingly shrouded in an air of success, her journey has been neither short nor easy. She started her journey in the entertainment industry as an artist, where she was able to find success and work with global brands such as ASOS, among other notable names. While pursuing her journey as an artist, she quickly realized that her peers were not being paid appropriately and set out to solve this problem on her own.

Shifting her focus from her music career to helping others, she studied the music industry diligently and began providing service to her community. After 4 years of successful freelance work in the space, she opened her own agency, Kopius Media, which focuses on monetization, systemization and marketing in the creative industries. Kopius Media is currently able to offer a wide range of content creation, label services and digital marketing solutions.

When she’s not running her agency, she focuses on educating and serving the creator community in her Grow With Soph mentorship program, where she breaks her spotless skillet into mini-lessons her audience can absorb and replicate. . When we asked her to comment on her recent success, she replied, “I’m just getting started…”.