“Blockchain startup launches new analytical tool for investors in the GameFi sector”

Get rewarded in stablecoins for joining and contributing to the TeaDAO community with the Sentry GameFi tool

TeaDAO, a Metaverse Reserve Currency protocol based on the $TEA token that aims to solve the NFT liquidity shortage, announced the launch of its “Contribute-to-Earn” campaign on the occasion of the launch of the SENTRY GameFi tool.

SENTRY is an end-to-end analysis tool allowing all investors, from beginners to professionals, to discover, gather all the necessary information, analyze and compare projects in order to make better investment decisions. .

SENTRY is a free product designed for everyone with a powerful and easy-to-digest interface, offering a series of benefits to users across the GameFi community who want to take advantage of industry opportunities. They understand:

  • A better understanding of the GameFi project market
  • Smarter investment decisions
  • An easy project comparison

The campaign aims to encourage the community to contribute data to earn stablecoins, which will bring more exclusive value creation opportunities and encourage them to join the TeaDAO ecosystem.

Details of the campaign such as duration, reward methodology and amount of prizes to be distributed will be revealed later on the official TeaDAO blog.

Why SENTRY for GameFi?

With more than 1,500 GameFi projects across 35 networks to date, this sector has attracted thousands of new users over the past quarter, but many are missing out on the opportunities this growing sector offers.

The Contribute to win characteristic of the SENTRY tool aims to promote the principles of justice and equity in the Web3, ensuring that everyone is on an equal footing and can access positions of power and receive remuneration commensurate with their ability. own merit and contributions.

As it is a free tool, any GameFi user can get an overview of what is happening in the market and make smart decisions on timely investments.

Main features of SENTRY

  • Understanding of the market: Sort project market share by volume, daily gamers, and market capitalization to get an overall understanding of the current market or rank all GameFi projects by daily gamers.
  • Understanding of the project: Gather all the key information about a GameFi project to decide if you should invest in a particular project. Information such as initial investment, return on investment, unique holders, major winners/losers, and payback period are available on SENTRY’s Project Summary page.
  • Project comparison: SENTRY will help investors compare all projects to find the best fit for them.
  • Community co-creation: The TeaDAO community can co-create and contribute by joining the Contribute to Win Campaign on SENTRY. All contributions will be ranked in global leaderboards and rewarded with different types of rewards paid in stablecoins.

About TeaDAO

TeaDAO is a Metaverse reserve currency, solving the illiquidity of NFTs and enabling the sustainability and scalability of GameFi projects by offering a unique NFT-as-Bonding-Assets mechanism.

TeaDAO will be a community-owned entity, allowing TEA holders to shape the future of TeaDAO via on-chain voting. TeaDAO will initially operate on the BNB chain and the Ethereum chain, and will expand to become a multi-chain during 2022.

TeaDAO successfully raised 4.6ML, backed by Shima Capital, Signum, UOB Ventures, and other prominent blockchain industry VCs.

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