Dropbase announces $1.75 million to manage messy files in analytics databases

SAN FRANCISCO, August 12, 2022Dropbasethe collaborative data import and management platform, raised a $1.75M round led by Gradient Ventures (Google’s AI-focused venture capital fund), with participation from Y Combinator, Liquid 2 Ventures, Bragiel Brothers, Unpopular Ventures and angel investors.

Founded by jimmy chan (CEO) and Ayazhan Zhakhan (CTO), Dropbase’s mission is to free data trapped in incompatible files or systems and automate data sharing. Dropbase helps businesses import, validate, manage, and query all their data from CSV/Excel files into full-featured SQL databases optimized to handle large amounts of data, with no technical assistance required.

“Often critical business software systems don’t have APIs to access data, but that data is needed to better understand the business and execute operations,” Chan said. “To complicate matters, external data is typically messy, with a mix of data types, encodings, data placement, and a mismatch with how the destination system expects the data to be structured. and formatted.”

“External data integration means that the data sender manually extracts data from a source system and exports it as a CSV file, uploads it to a cloud drive, SFTP, or as an email attachment. mail, and sends them to the recipient of the data,” Zhakhan said. “The receiver must then download, map, cleanse and re-upload the data, usually into a database with its own constraints. This happens whenever data is shared between companies with incompatible systems. This process is quite inefficient.

Dropbase’s goal is to dramatically improve this process, automate it, and make it easier for businesses to import external data and combine it with internal data. More complete data helps companies make better decisions, deliver a great customer experience, and improve business operations for customers like stroller brand, Mockingbird.

Dropbase believes that data analysts and operations managers should be able to simply open their favorite data tools, and any data they’ve imported or received from external partners should already be there, cleansed and ready to go. Data teams should never have to clean the same CSV file or data extract twice.

“Today, treasure troves of data are trapped in incompatible systems that render them useless to everyone except the engineering team. We believe Dropbase is the key to unlocking this data, and its technology will help shape how companies share data in the future,” said Zachary Bratun-Glennonpartner at Gradient Ventures.

Dropbase is building a new operating system for enterprise data – an end-to-end platform for importing, managing, and exchanging data for internal and external use cases.

About Dropbase

Dropbase is a collaborative data platform. It helps teams import, cleanse, and manage customer and partner data in highly scalable databases that integrate with their favorite analytics tools and data applications. For more information, visit www.dropbase.io.

About Gradient Ventures

Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI-focused venture capital fund, helps founders build transformational businesses. The fund aims to help founders meet the challenges of developing new technology products, using the latest best practices in recruiting, marketing, design and engineering so that great ideas can come to life. Gradient was founded in 2017 and is based in Palo Alto, California. For more information, visit www.gradient.com.

Source: Dropbase