How This New Sales Tool Will Accelerate Your Business Revenue

Every seller understands the critical nature of the closing time of the transaction. This single instance can make or break your win rates. Consequently, sellers are more contemplative as they approach this decisive moment.

Before the age of the Internet, the art of the deal was a face-to-face affair. Consumers, for example, would apply for a new credit card in front of an agent or salesperson. Then the sales agent would help them complete their applications and provide further guidance if they were frustrated or confused.

A prospect’s behavioral cues would provide all the information you need to solve their problems. As a result, you could quickly offer a helping hand to an unhappy customer and offer an additional product to the engaged buyer.

On top of that, you can mitigate risk by noting red flags such as agitated or nervous customers and further qualify them to avoid releasing risky products. But, digital transformation has changed the lay of the land, and now most salespeople are blind when closing the deal.

You can no longer read signs of frustration or confusion from your digital customer. You also can’t easily gauge how motivated, engaged, or nervous they are. by Albert Mehrabian 7-38-55 theory states that people communicate 55% of meaning through their body language.

The University of California psychology professor emeritus also claims that people communicate 38% of their meaning through their tone of voice. On the other hand, your customers’ emails and chats convey only 7% of their intention.

Consequently, the digital world places a brick wall between you and your prospect, depriving you of crucial behavioral cues and hurting your success rates.

The Substrate Solution

Substrate is a leading behavioral intelligence platform that can break down that digital communication wall between you and your potential customers. For example, its tools can generate digital body language that will help you react to your email list’s body language and other crucial behavioral cues.

Substrata’s behavioral analysis features mine large amounts of data, analyzing how your prospects react to your communication. Its data will provide long-term benefits, open doors to new opportunities and improve your risk reduction strategy.

As an illustration, its AI-powered social signal processing feature is a deal-finding and closing tool that will accelerate your business revenue. Plus, it can reduce unnecessary follow-ups and increase your success rates by 24.8%.

You’ll identify dead ends faster and channel your agent’s resources to profitable leads. Plus, Substrata’s AI-powered tools will detect any hesitation or frustration early in the game and respond to it to reassure your customer and drive sales.

Substrata Social Signal Processing (SSP) Artificial intelligence tools make sense of your prospect’s non-verbal communication patterns by blending behavioral psychology with social and computer models. In addition, its technology integrates a dedicated context engine that pools and processes public interaction data between you and your prospects.

On the other hand, its innovative textless NLP framework can extract voice cues from raw audio, shortening your sales cycle time by 30.2%. AI-powered behavioral intelligence platforms like Substrata can help you understand the mindset of your prospects and accelerate your sales revenue.

Use it to improve your sales team’s interactions with your customers and watch your goals and results soar to new heights.

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