Is your PMS driving demand and revenue or just improving operational efficiency?

Hoteliers, is your property management technology working for you? Now let me clarify this question. I don’t just wanna say, is it work; does it work rather for you? Are you using your PMS platform to drive bookings and revenue? Because, if you ask me, it should be.

With the help of next-gen technology, hoteliers can effectively rewrite legacy processes, improve workflows, and unlock new standards of guest productivity and personalization. But beyond these operational efficiencies, platforms like the PMS should also become an integral revenue tool that effectively inspires customer engagement, drives demand, and creates upsell opportunities to maximize profitability. In fact, according to, an average 150-room hotel using a targeted upsell program can expect a conversion rate of 5-20%, resulting in up to $65,000/year or more additional income.

So if a hotel’s PMS is the digital heart of the property, shouldn’t it have the ability to drive revenue before arrival, at reception, and throughout a guest’s stay?

The role of the modern hotel PMS

The modern hotel PMS should be able to wear many hats. As a centralized hub of activities, transactions, guest profiles and data, the ideal PMS should be a single solution for sales, marketing and operations that understand what follows:

  • Single platform and single sign-on
  • User-friendly interface
  • Pricing and inventory management
  • Point of sale (POS)
  • Automatic payments
  • Group booking management
  • Mobile app or mobile feature
  • Self check-in/check-out and upsell
  • Users and Access Controls
  • Revenue management
  • Channel management
  • reputation management
  • Website and booking engine
  • Centralized reservations
  • Household management
  • Marketing (email and SMS)
  • Smart door locks
  • Custom reports
  • 24/7 Support

Within these core features, a hotel PMS should seek to leverage the power of automation. By automating front desk touchpoints such as check-in, room assignments, room upgrades, and more, hotels can reduce the operational burden placed on hotel staff while giving guests more convenience. autonomy over their experience.

Some guests will prefer to use the self-service options throughout their stay, while those who prefer an in-person exchange will benefit from more attentive and ready hotel staff. PMS automation can also give guests the freedom to change their booking, whether to upgrade or extend their stay on an hourly basis. With this feature, hotels can automatically and intelligently assign the best rooms to each guest, seamlessly generate additional revenue on otherwise unsold rooms, and delight guests by allowing them to completely personalize their stay.

Now more than ever, flexibility and personalization go hand in hand with a service that hotel guests are more than happy to pay for. As technology continues to unlock new levels and standards of data-driven personalization and convenience, hotel guests are increasingly interested in offerings that are seamless and tailored to their needs and preferences.

Simply put, guests are willing to pay more for services and experiences that matter to them, and using platforms that reduce friction and dynamically engage with guests using their data will help hotels. win more bookings, create more impactful touchpoints, and generate more relevant upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

A flexible solution that offers maximum return on investment

A truly modern and flexible PMS should be an all-in-one solution – not like its legacy predecessors, which are plagued with limitations, but rather a digital ecosystem built on an open API framework. With this in mind, we designed the Stayflexi Platform to step out of the box with an end-to-end PMS, plus channel manager, upsell engine, booking engine and revenue manager – without the need for additional systems or integrations.

With the built-in channel manager, hotels can automatically distribute their rooms to agents anywhere in the world, including OTAs, retail travel agents, meta search engines (or aggregators) and global distribution systems (GDS). ), while instantly syncing with their PMS. to ensure application congruence.

With the revenue management feature, hotels can take advantage of autopilot pricing based on revenue goals while benefiting from an integrated rate buyer that helps hotels anticipate demand and optimize availability and pricing to set the best possible rates.

At the same time, the booking engine instantly transforms hotel websites into a high-converting direct booking channel through the power of flexible bookings, allowing hotels to win direct business over OTA competitors, avoiding high commissions.

Finally, our Magic Link feature connects hotels with their guests throughout the reservation lifecycle, without the need for a native app (but with all the benefits of one). Using their phone, customers can follow the “magic link” to check-in or check-out online, select upgrade offers, opt-in for late check-out, purchase add-ons or experiences, and make payments without contact. And 80% of customers prefer to help themselves to get the information they need.

With this functionality built right into the platform, hotels benefit from improved operational efficiency and an influx of revenue opportunities that have traditionally escaped the cracks of legacy technology and broken processes. After all, you only have a limited number of coins to sell, once per day. Every room that is unsold or not sold at the highest possible price is a lost opportunity.

So, hoteliers, let me ask you again: is your PMS working? for you? If not, is it time to change that?

About Stayflexi

Trusted by over 1,300 independent hotels, luxury resorts and timeshare groups worldwide, Stayflexi is the industry’s first fully automated, all-in-one hotel management and automation platform.

Reshaping a legacy hotel technology landscape, the modern cloud-based solution provides integrated PMS, Guest Upsells, Channel Manager, Booking Engine and Revenue Management tools under single sign-on. Packed with powerful features to streamline and automate operations while increasing staff productivity and guest satisfaction, Stayflexi can help hotels maximize profitability. Self-service options such as self-service check-in/out, contactless POS, automatic room assignment and automatic inventory management can reduce operational costs by 50%, while the upsell engine can increase bookings by 30% while improving customer experience.

The company was founded by IT specialists from Carnegie Mellon and Cornell to solve their own problems as hosts and travelers and currently serves more than 23,000 rooms in 100 cities in 13 countries.

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