John Metchie NFL Draft Fantasy Profile: An analytical look at the Houston Texans receiver for 2022 and beyond

The Houston Texans added point guard John Metchie with the 12th pick in the second round of the 2022 NFL Draft – ahead of more complete wide receiver prospects such as George Pickens, Alec Pierce, Skyy Moore, Jalen Tolbert and David Bell . With that kind of investment made, Houston likely has a vision for using Metchie. And given his route-tree data and mixed success working at different levels of the field, Metchie can depend on scripted touches to produce NFL-level fantasy-relevant results.

Metchie’s landing spot on a Houston depth board devoid of offensive talent gives him a real chance to fill a fruitful role upfront. How should we weigh his desirability when comparing the value of Metchie’s Dynasty to WR’s prospects with a stronger long-term outlook? And how high should Houston’s rookie threat be drafted in the one-season leagues?

SportsLine Fantasy Analyst Jacob Gibbs provides in-depth, data-driven analysis to answer this question and address anything that stands out from his advanced statistical profile. These player profiles are just a small part of the advanced analytical preparation Gibbs is providing SportsLine users with as we approach the 2022 fantasy football season – if you want an easy way to keep track of all the information coming out this spring and summer, SportsLine’s 2022 Fantasy Bible (coming soon!) will be updated with links to each article as it goes live.

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