Mayor of Matteson encouraged by latest revenue streams from new businesses

Sheila Calmers-Currin-Mayor of Matteson, Illinois-expresses her excitement about the latest local tax receipts from several companies now doing business in her beloved city.

Many have explored the different elements of what Matteson offers, but the biggest investments the city is making are in people. As a result of this initiative, Matteson is now home to the most profitable Pete’s Produce Market in the Southland region and has welcomed several new businesses like Amazon.

“The Amazon fulfillment center has been one of the greatest additions to our city. In recent weeks, Matteson has begun receiving portions of at least $2 million in tax revenue due to high demand for the convenience store business that has changed the way we shop. The tax revenues generated by the city will increase the development of the various projects that Matteson continues to develop.

Chalmers-Currin adds, “The Village of Matteson was thrilled to welcome Amazon to our town. As a global leader in the rapidly growing retail industry, Amazon now has access to our exceptional regional workforce, a highly dynamic business climate, and our ongoing commitment to attracting various forms of economic development. This project is clearly the economic engine that has attracted hundreds of jobs to our city.

Matteson Mayor Chalmers-Currin

With an African American population of approximately 78%, the town of Matteson has undoubtedly increased the number of young professionals looking to find a place to start a family. Many have noted that the state-of-the-art community center, recreation department, and scenic trails helped many millennials decide to make Matteson their home base. Resources like the new Humane Society coming in June are what many families are excited about, especially potential pet owners.

One of the biggest new additions to the town of Matteson is a new cannabis growing business that will be the largest indoor cannabis manufacturer in the state of Illinois, directly off the Lincoln Highway. With many new business advances, Matteson has grown tremendously, but for first-time homebuyers, it exemplifies “A Town Booming.”

It has been nearly a decade since the Village of Matteson had its own full-scale grocery store. However. in 2019, Mayor Chalmers-Currin and the Village Council announced that Pete’s Grocery had begun renovating the Old Dominick’s store on Lincoln Highway. The store has opened and is achieving record sales compared to their other stores in Cook County.

Prior to 2018, the Village Board We were bombarded with various media reports regarding the closure of Sam’s Club. This was obviously a major setback for the president when he had only been in office for 8 months. But she refused to take “NO” for an answer. The president ordered her team to bring Sam’s Club back to the table. It was then after very intense negotiations that the administration convinced the Sam’s Club not only to return to the village of Matteson, but to return with a more modern and diversified approach to doing business. From there, the Village of Matteson and Sam’s Club jointly announced the all-new Sam’s Club e-commerce distribution center. The distribution center opened in January 2019!! Additionally, the center employed over 500 people and reported extremely impressive sales. The Village of Matteson now receives huge sales tax returns on that revenue.

It is extremely encouraging to know that there are a large number of residents throughout Cook County who wish to reside in the Village of Matteson. As a result, the Village of Matteson has just completed the construction of over 400 new homes within one mile of Matteson Village Hall. Currently, plans are underway for the construction of additional new homes.