Qlik named official analytics partner of the Qhubeka team

1 Qlik® (https://bit.ly/3KuKyYH) announced today that it has become the Official Analytics Partner of Team Qhubeka (TeamQhubeka.com) for the 2022/2023 racing season.

2 With Qlik, the Qhubeka team will extend its long-term strategy of using data and analytics to optimize logistics, planning and performance for all aspects of its mission-driven cycling team.

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3 The Qhubeka team has a clear mission to foster ambition, create opportunity and change lives with bikes.

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4 The team is also one of the most technologically capable cycling teams in the world, using innovative solutions to optimize performance, while building brand awareness through a purpose-driven shared value approach.

5 This aligns perfectly with Qlik’s goal of helping organizations access data and turn it into meaningful action around the world to create a sustainable, data-infused world.

6 With Qlik, the Qhubeka team will for the first time be able to bring all of the team’s data together for analysis on a single platform, leveraging common APIs to break down data silos.

seven This will allow the team to visualize and explore their data on a whole new level for more informed decision making for all team members.

8 “It’s a game changer for us.

9 With Qlik, we can create an optimal running program for a runner from existing data that we weren’t fully leveraging before,” said Douglas Ryder, Qhubeka Team Principal.

ten “The level of insights that Qlik gives us with an integrated platform brings all of our data together into a single source of truth, enabling real-time collaboration between all of our staff and riders.” The Qhubeka team has an ongoing and growing wealth of data that they create and consume daily to inform decisions that will result in wins.

11 This includes everything from initial rider selection, especially for new team riders, to data related to travel logistics, sleep patterns from smart devices, and power meter results on racing bikes.

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13 All of these inputs will be analyzed efficiently and easily understood through Qlik for pre-event planning and post-race analysis during longer multi-stage races.

14 The importance of the cloud and real-time collaboration is critical to team success.

15 Riders and team staff compete over 200 days a year in different countries.

16 The logistics and related data that support a cycling team include a fleet of vehicles that serve as nerve centers on the team’s route, as well as the continuous updating and planning of bars, restaurants and hotels, making the office of the Qhubeka team on the open roads of the world.

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18 Qlik Analytics is designed for a multi-cloud world, making it the ideal solution for the Qhubeka team’s operation.

19 “We look at every physical component we can of the individual to try to create a better understanding that helps us make the incremental improvements that determine gain and loss.

20 With Qlik, we can bring all this information together and give our team insights at the push of a button, regardless of their location,” added Ryder.

21 “Having this depth and quality of data will give us an edge over our competition, helping us improve our win rate and overall team standings.” “We are thrilled to partner with the Qhubeka team on their mission to become the best team they can be and pursue their mission-driven goals,” said Chris Powell, Qlik’s Chief Marketing Officer. “With Qlik Cloud, we’ll help the team bridge the gaps between their different data sources and deliver the right insights to the right team members around the world, when it matters most.”

22 “Our partnership is not limited to technology.

23 Qhubeka provides bikes to young people across Africa to bring hope, new freedoms and new confidence in what they can achieve.

24 At Qlik, we are passionate about empowering partnerships with our technology and expertise to positively change our world.

25 Our values ​​align very well to give back and have a lasting impact that shows the true meaning of Ubuntu: I am because we are,” added Powell.

26 Differentia Consulting (https://bit.ly/3Q65LsR), an Elite Qlik Partner based in the UK, is developing the Qlik app that the Qhubeka team will be using for the upcoming season.