Sales Revenue Drives the Lead Economy

LEAD, SD (KEVN) – The town of Lead has a long mining history that first kept the town running.

Over the past few years, “Lead has had a long history of few retail stocks in town,” explained Ron Everett, Mayor of Lead.

This resulted in the townspeople worrying only about a property tax.

That was until around 2018 when the city’s sales tax started to increase.

“It started growing because of the lab, the Sanford Underground Lab, and people decided that Lead was a nice place and things were happening,” Everett said.

The construction and internet sales tax also contributed to an overall sales tax increase for the city.

“So we decided at the city council level that we considered this to be an exceptional tax and we started budgeting and spending accordingly,” Everett explained and added that anything above that budget goes into a special fund. “This special fund has been growing since 2018 and right now, at this point through June, we’re $300,000 over our budget.”

While a majority of this money is spent on improving the infrastructure of the town of Lead, a smaller portion is spent on projects that can be considered a bit more fun.

“The fun things we see are like over my shoulder, it’s the skatepark,” Everett said.

The skatepark that opened in early summer was a small part of the Lead Park rebuild.

Although the majority of the skatepark has been paid for through donations, Everett said it’s been great to contribute to projects that benefit the community.

“It’s hard to tell when people ask ‘what did you spend your money on?’ Well we put it in the ground in water and sewer and roads but those are very important things for people to realize we spend the majority of taxes on infrastructure but we have opportunity to spend money on fun things,” Everett said.

Overall, Everett says he’s excited to see what the future holds for the city.

“It was a really fun time the last 6-8 years when things started to change for Lead,” Everett said.

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