Several routine activities, business operations suspended during British mourning period for Queen Elizabeth II

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, the UK entered a period of mourning. Traditionally, this period lasted 12 days. However, in this case, King Charles III has order the mourning period for his mother must last up to seven days after the birth funeralwhich is scheduled for Monday, September 19.

Although there is no federal obligation on the part of the UK government to do so, several organisations, programs and businesses choose to close on this day.

Patients will not be able to undergo ‘non-essential’ medical procedures or attend appointments in most UK hospitals on Monday, the BBC reports. The cancellations will affect scheduled outpatient operations such as hip and knee replacements and cataract surgeries, which will need to be rescheduled. The National Health Service reports that more than 6.7 million people are on waiting lists for healthcare in England from June 2022.

During this time, buyers will not be able to walk the aisles and shelves of Ikea, Harrods, Primark, Aldi Where lidlwhich close out of respect for the late Queen’s funeral service.

Locals won’t be able to get a quick meal at McDonald’s as the company says it will close all its locations until 5 p.m. on Monday.

Customers will not be able to borrow a book from the British Librarywhich closes for the day.

The Chester Zoo in Cheshire will be closed, along with all parks forming part of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland.

Legoland Windsor will close its park. Ticket holders for this day will have to postpone their visit.

Several strikes previously planned by the unions of railway and postal workers have been suspended “out of respect for his service to the country and his family”, the unions said in a statement last week, according to the BBC.

During the mourning period, many other routine activities are put on hold.

For example, the possibility of signing a petition on the Parliament’s site has been stopped until further notice.

The Royal Meteorological Societywith the Meteorological officewhich is the UK weather service, have both announced that they will only be posting essential content like forecasts and warnings during this time.