Staff shortage hits Margao Corps revenue recovery | Goa News

Margao: Even as the Margao Municipal Council (MMC) faces the daunting task of recovering revenue amounting to Rs 25 million, three vacancies for market inspectors have made it very difficult for the Municipal Revenue Collection Team.
Sources at MMC said the municipality has five sanctioned positions of market inspectors, three of which have been vacant for a long time. Therefore, with only two market inspectors available on duty, the pace of revenue collection has been affected to a large extent, while also affecting anti-encroachment campaigns.
“Given the large geographic area that MMC has under its jurisdiction, it is imperative that at least two Assistant Market Inspector positions be created. But now we are faced with a situation where we end up with only two market inspectors,” a senior official said.
Market inspectors, apart from having to do their usual duties of inspecting business licenses, removing encroachments, etc., are also engaged in the work of issuing income certificates and other documents during the first half of the day, sources in the municipality said. . Market inspectors are also engaged in serving notices for council tax and business tax, issuing fines as well as one-off fines to traders who break the rules.
MMC is currently embarking on a campaign to bring into the tax net business establishments, corporations and financial institutions that have evaded tax.
Last month, notices were sent by MMC to several business units in the city identified as major tax evaders, to produce a copy of their rental agreements and other pertinent details. The tax section of the MMC is currently in the process of verifying the documents that would allow them to levy appropriate taxes on these companies.
Sources said MMC would gain significantly if all of these high net worth business establishments were put into the tax net.