Supply Chain Security Company Codenotary Raises Additional Capital to Expand Business

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–co-notaryleader in tamper-proof and immutable data protection, today announced that it has secured $6 million in additional funding from new and existing investors, bringing the company’s total funding to $24 million.

The additional capital, which will be used to increase sales in the United States and Europe as well as enter the Asian market, was raised in the Series B extension of $12.5 million in January and is part of a significant growth environment, particularly with banks and government. customers in the United States and Europe

Codenotary was launched at the end of 2018 by co-founders Moshe Bar, CEO, and Dennis Zimmer, CTO. Bar was previously co-founder of Qumranetthe company that developed the now ubiquitous Linux KVM hypervisor, which was acquired by Red Hat in 2008. Before that, he founded the cloud hypervisor company Xen Source which was acquired by Citrix.

“Codenotary is at the forefront of software supply chain security, which is crucial for the future of software-defined everything,” said David Chen of Arrize xTec, the new UK-based lead investor. . “The founders are successful and experienced serial entrepreneurs. The company has reached an inflection point in its growth and this is where we like to get involved as shareholders.

Codenotary provides software development lifecycle notarization and verification tools that attest to the provenance and security of code. The company provides an indelible solution to process millions of transactions per second, on-premises or in the cloud, and with cryptographic verification. It gives developers a way to generate and attach a Software nomenclature (SBOM) for development artifacts that include source code, builds, repositories, etc., and Docker container images for their software.

“Software supply chains are constantly under attack, and so every business is looking for effective ways to protect their valuable software assets,” Bar said. “The additional capital will help us grow faster, increasing our ability to deploy additional features and grow our sales efforts around the world, including our partner network. Not all startups are able to do this right now, but we’re lucky to have good growth and the right investors behind us.

Codenotary is also the main maintainer of imudb, the first and only open-source, enterprise-class immutable database with large-scale data persistence for demanding applications – up to billions of transactions per day. There have been over 15 million downloads of immudb to date, which serves as the foundation for its supply chain security products.

About Codenotaire

With hundreds of customers, including the three largest banks in the US and Europe, Codenotary brings easy-to-use trust and integrity into the software lifecycle by providing end-to-end cryptographically verifiable tracking and provenance. for all artifacts, actions and dependencies. Codenotary can be configured in minutes and can be fully integrated into modern CI/CD platforms. It is the only immutable, customer-verifiable solution capable of processing millions of transactions per second. With Codenotary’s tamper-proof BOM, users can instantly identify untrusted components in their software releases. For more information, visit