The ZPM takes a heavy swipe at Land Revenue Minister Lalruatkima

Aizawl: On Friday, Mizoram’s main opposition Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM) sharply criticized Land Revenue and Settlement Minister Lalruatkima for allegedly wielding power arbitrarily and manipulating pass issuance. .

Speaking to reporters at a press conference here, ZPM publicity cell leaders alleged that pass application forms could be obtained by aspirants only with the minister’s permission.

They said that application forms are issued only to candidates who have obtained the authorization of the minister.

They said the existing process made it very difficult for people to get passes.

“The process not only embarrasses people, but is also a manifestation of the exercise of arbitrary power to manipulate the issuance of pass application forms,” ​​said one of the department heads. advertising, J. Lalramnghaka.

He said people have to wait a long time to get the application form because the minister was irregular at his office.

Citing a response under the Right to Information Act, Lalramnghaka said there is no such law that the minister can rely on to issue pass forms from his table.

“We call on the minister to stop creating obstacles and a burden on the people by exercising his arbitrary power to manipulate the process,” he said.

Expressing his regret for the existing system, the ZPM leader further alleged that equality before the law was fading under the decision mizo national front (MNF) and the gap between powerful and powerless is widening rapidly.

The minister’s manipulation of land revenue and settlement also showed that the MNF government did not represent the people, he said.

Lalruatkima could not be reached for comment.

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