Think RevOps aligns and optimizes business revenue drivers to maximize potential growth

Think RevOps’ innovative operating model was created to transform flawed go-to-market procedures into replicability and data-driven journeys.

London, UK, August 30, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – Think RevOps is pleased to announce that its industry-leading operating model now helps companies align and optimize their revenue drivers to drive growth as much as possible potential.

Revenue Operations, or RevOps, is a relatively new term for a company’s “system for growing and scaling”, according to a company spokesperson.

C-Suite executives and decision makers are all looking for a smarter way to drive results and tap into new opportunities in light of the ever-changing landscape of the online customer journey. Their top priority should be implementing RevOps. Businesses can use RevOps as a framework to develop an integrated go-to-market strategy that connects customer success, sales, and marketing from a process and data perspective. This will make it possible to create a more comprehensive customer experience, the spokesperson said, adding that it also has a number of advanced features such as objective design and data strategy.

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“Think RevOps has built a unique operating model that represents a blend of proprietary knowledge, expertise, and delivery framework applied to the B2B Tech customer journey. Its goal is to transform broken internal go-to-market processes into repeatable and data driven.”

For B2B technology companies and their Go-To-Market teams, Think RevOps is the in-house team. Believing that RevOps can be useful to many business owners, the spokesperson asserted that a technology startup or scale-up or SaaS (Series A to Series E) is the ideal customer.

About Catherine Mandungu / Think RevOps:

Catherine Mandungu is the Founder and CEO of Think RevOps, a revenue operations industry leader focused on technology startups in the B2B sector.

Mandungu is a pioneer of the RevOps customer journey, helping to centralize the organization. She has experience in business operations at leading companies such as Microsoft, Adobe and Hootsuite.

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