Tourist arrivals in Surat Thani generate $1.2 billion in revenue

Khao Sam Klur, also known as Guilin Thailand, at Ratchaprada Dam in Ban Ta Khun District. (Photo provided)

More than 150,000 tourists visited popular attractions in Surat Thani last month, generating 1.25 billion baht for the southern coastal province, according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

Nantawan Siripokapat, director of TAT’s office in Surat Thani, said on Saturday that a total of 157,623 tourists – 145,947 Thais and 11,676 foreigners – had visited popular destinations, such as Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, in april. The hotel occupancy rate was 42.20%, up 7.68% from the same period last year.

The average stay in April was 1.18 nights per person. Tourist arrivals generated 1.13 billion baht of Thai visitors and 121.57 million international travellers. The average spending by Thais was 3,172.36 baht per person per day, while foreign tourists spent an average of 3,245.77 baht per person per day, Ms. Nantawan said.

She attributed the improved tourism situation to campaigns in domestic and foreign markets as well as Songkran festivities in Koh Samui and Koh Phangan.

Tourists arrive at a pier on Koh Tao in the Koh Phangan district. (Photo provided)

The government’s Rao Tiew Duay Kan (We Travel Together) tourism promotion campaign and the easing of Covid-19 restrictions have also boosted tourism in the southern province, the TAT official said.

During the Labor Day break from April 30 to May 2, a total of 44,743 tourists – 31,168 Thais and 13,575 foreigners – visited Surat Thani, with a hotel occupancy rate of 42.26 %, she said.

Tourists had stayed an average of 2.61 nights, generating around 403.56 million baht in revenue. Of the revenue, 250.66 million baht came from Thais and 152.90 million baht from foreigners.

“Many places like Koh Rap, Thalae Waek, Koh Ma, Koh Nang Yuan and Ratchaprapa Dam are becoming more and more popular among tourists,” Ms Nantawan added.

Tourists relax on Koh Tao beach. (Photo provided)

Tourists arrive at Cheow Lan village in Ban Ta Khun district. (Photo provided)