Western Railway reports 67% growth in revenue generation year-on-year and exceeds proportional target for June 2022

Western Railway exceeded the proportional target set for June 2022 in terms of revenue from parcel and ticket screening. According to Sumit Thakur, Public Relations Manager of Western Railway, during the period of April 1, 2022 to June 23, 2022, WR achieved revenue of Rs. 4,485.31 crore registering a growth of almost 67% from compared to the previous year for the corresponding period.

Out of this, earnings of above Rs. 1,256.66 cr was collected from the passenger sector and about Rs. 3,098 cr was generated from the goods sector.

Rs. 71.81 cr was received from Parcel and Baggage which recorded an increase of 42.54% over the previous year for the corresponding period. Additionally, Ticket Checking contributed to a record revenue of Rs. 58.69 cr, registering a growth of a whopping 922% over the same period last year.

“Western Railway has made every effort to increase revenue and has continued to maintain momentum. WR has performed exceptionally well and has already achieved original revenue of Rs. 4485.31 crore till 23 June 2022. It is also worth mentioning that the highest one-day revenue of Rs. 68.42 cr was generated on June 23, 2022,” a WR official said.

“During the period from April 1, 2022 to June 23, 2022, Western Railway transported goods weighing more than 75,000 tons through its 141 special parcel trains, which included agricultural products, medicines, medical equipment, fish, milk, etc. The revenue generated from this transport was around Rs. 25.57 crores 47 Milk Special trains were operated by WR, with a load of over 34,500 tonnes,” the officials added. .

Similarly, 13 Special Package trains with a load of more than 2,700 tonnes were also put into service to transport basic necessities. In addition to this, 62 serrated rakes carrying approximately 32,500 tons and 8 NMG serrated rakes carrying approximately 1,800 tons were also performed.

To help farmers find new markets for their produce and also for its economical and fast transportation, 11 Kisan Rails with a load of over 3,400 tons were also operated during this period.

“The paradigm shift in policies and WR’s aggressive marketing efforts in various areas have led to sustained revenue growth.” said an official explaining the reason for the success.